Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One down.....

Well here it is. The completed Diamondback. What do you think? It is freakishly huge on me, but its ok cause my sock pal has feet one inch longer than mine. Hopefully they will fit her. I wish I could have her try it on. I am concerned I won't have enough yarn. Oh that will upset me.

Think she will like them? That is the best pic I could get of the back. The toe seems really pointy to me. But, it may just be me.

I have decided to make monkeys for my mommy friend. Here were the yarn choices.

I polled some friends and they all agreed that the multicoloreds were the way to go. So now I will start my first pair for the Summer of Socks......Monkeys. My mommy friend deserves only the best, and Cookie A. is the best.

I miss my knitting mommy friend.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Here she is!

The booga.....

I wish this represented the true colors. But, alas it doesn't. The brown looking stripes are really a mossy green. The pink isn't so bright, neither is the purple. Its way more muted than this picture shows.

I LOVE IT!! Chris wants to make me one double the size. He too was disappointed at how small it turned out. I still love it nonetheless.

I am making myself start some new socks today for the Summer of Socks. My blog reader is super cool, I loved checking out her site. You should check it out too! I am already realizing that in no way, shape, or form would I ever win the "most socks" contest. There is a person with already two pairs finished. I wish I got that much time to knit!!!!!!

In addition to starting some new socks, so that I will have progress to show, I have got to get my first Sockapalooza sock done. Its been sitting on my needles probably wondering why it has been neglected. I wanted so badly to finish a project so my booga took priority. I will now make myself work several rows a day on my pal's sock. Want to get it done. I have until August 2nd, but the longer I procrastonate, the more likely I am to push it to the deadline. I refuse. And, if that is hanging around on my 2s, its harder for me to start more socks for the SOS. See, I'm finding motivation. I also got some from a mommy friend. She made Wyatt the CUTEST wall hanging with a frog on it. So now she gets socks as a thank you. Those pop to the top of the list!

Next time....a finished Diamondback!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Booga Boogie

Well, I finished the booga last night. I have no pictures because I am a dork and forgot to take pre-felting pictures. Right now, it is upside down blocking on a box. It is soooooo pretty. I heart felting now. After my last felting fiasco, I am so glad that this turned out well. It will dry in 1-2 days and I can put the I-cord in and take pictures!!

I am up to the toe on the first diamondback sock. Its been slow going because the past three weeks have been insanely crazy. Too much going on. The kids are out of school. Need I say more?

Wyatt has two teeth, is sitting up by himself, and is really freaking me out by attempting to get up on his hands and knees to crawl. Not cool. My baby is disappearing before my eyes.

I joined the summer of socks and I have plenty of friends who have requested them. I hope to get caught up on the plunge this summer. I also have a gazillion pregnant friends who need baby knits. I AM STOKED!!! So far we have one we aren't sure the sex of (she didn't find out, how crazy), two girls, and three more that are unknown yet because they aren't far enough along. I love babies. Gives me baby fever.

Ok, no pics, I am a loser. But in the next day or two there will be picks, there will be knitting content to show off and discuss. I have socks to start, socks to finish, a booga to enjoy, and I even started on a summer top. I'm such a knitting ho.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

What I have been up to

It has been a while!!! Sooooo sorry :(

Chris made me a swift. And he bought me a ball winder!! I've been busy winding.

I've been knitting too.

Sockapalooza sock 1 nearing completion!!! Like the pattern? I'll take one in better light soon.

And.....the oh so late booga!

I love it!!!

I am behind with the plunge, darn it!

I have so much baby knitting to do all of a sudden!!! Five preggo friends including my awesome knitting mommy pal!! I'm so excited!!!!

And, I made something for a mommy friend, but failed to take a pic. I mailed it off today, so maybe she will take pics of it being used!