Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The one where I talk about the knitting that I haven't done!

Did you see Knitty Gritty yesterday? They did the cutest little felted purse! I want to do it. It has swiss darning involved, though. I wonder if that is really as easy as she made it look. I've never felted either. I would probably have to make the purse a little bigger. I just never can see the point of a small purse.

I haven't been knitting because yesterday I had a docs appointment. He said baby could come any time! Cool beans, but that means no socks are gonna get finished if he comes early! Oh well, just means I will have to knit while he is napping! I'll get into the flow of things I imagine. Then I found out that work is way behind. I used to be glad that it was so busy because it kept me occupied for the endless weeks of bedrest. Well how am I to knit if I have to work? Don't you hate when real life interferes with knitting? :) But.........the more I work, the more money I have, the more money I have, the more yarn I can buy!!! YAY!!!

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