Monday, October 29, 2007

October what?

I can't believe that it is the 29th. This month has flown by without me even realizing it.

My sock pal got her package.

And she said she loved it!

And, the socks fit.


She also loved her other hand made goody, which I will tell you is a double-pointed needle case that I sewed. It was fun, and I tried to make myself one and it didn't turn out nearly as well LOL Glad she got the prototype that turned out ok.

And, a few other goodies that I threw in. I won't bore you with the whole package, just a few things that I sent off for her.

Currently I have:

1) Three socks in progress.
A) Thelonious from Cookie A in my Indigo Louet Gems. This one will take me a while.
B) Southwestern Socks a la Wendy of Wendy Knits. Knitted in the previously unknittable yarn from my Holidays Sock Club. As of now, it appears to be behaving and I may have found a pattern that it likes. We shall see.
C) Monkey socks, done in Colinette Jitterbug. For a mommy friend.

2) A hubby still lacking a job, but newly acquired bronchitis.

3) A baby with an upper respiratory infection and bilateral ear infections.

4) Two full-time jobs that actually want me to do full-time work. What are they thinking?

5) Three tax bills in the mail today (shoot me now).

6) Absolutely NO Christmas shopping done.

7) Some absolutely fantastic sock yarn from the Woully Boully Sock Club. I think what has happened with this yarn, is that I have moved from a yarn addict to a yarn molester. I cannot keep my hands off of this yarn. I snuggle it up to my face, I smell it, I pet it, I look at it, I ask it what sock pattern it wants to be knitted in to. Woully Boully WILL be on my list of sock yarns that will regularly be purchased and knit. (Don't tell, but I think it has passed Lorna's addiction level).

8) Complete lack of sleep.

9) Discovered that selling yarn on Ravelry and Ebay, is very profitable!! I had some sitting around that I was never going to use, and lo and behold, people bought it! Of course, I've not been looking to recoup my money I spent on it, just to get a few dollars here and there and send some yarn to someone who will enjoy it. Its going well, it occupies my free time well with something constructive, and I'm meeting some really cool new people.

Its been a busy but surprisingly good month. And of course, my sock monkey pal who is knitting for me is back from vacation. YAY! I've missed e-mailing with her while she was gone. Knitter friends are the best!!

And lastly, baby eye candy. His new trick, which he showed me on Saturday pre-feeling crabby and fussy. I'm glad it wasn't a tape that I enjoyed listening to. Thank goodness all my stuff is on CD now, huh?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monkeys, Birthday, and Unknittable yarn

What a busy few weeks!!!

First, I am addicted to Ravelry. Enough said.

Second, I had a birthday. I'm 29 (read 35). I had a great birthday! Now if I could just get that hair dye out and fix the Cruella De'Ville look I have going on, I'd feel better.

Third, I went to the post office today!! I mailed STUFF! Monkey sock package on the way to its intended sock pal! I can't wait for her to get it. I won't post pics until she does, but there is more than one handmade thing in there, some other things for her, and even something for another person in the house! I hope they fit! I hope she loves the STUFF! A whole two weeks before the deadline. WAYYYY better than I did with Sockapalooza!

Fourth, speaking of Sockapalooza, I signed up to be a sock savior. However, my designated pal is no longer blogging nor answering my emails. What a bummer. She must be AWOL. I have emailed Alison to see what to do.

Fifth, have you ever had yarn that just didn't want to be knitted? I have some. I don't know what the deal is. I have frogged twice. This time, I did exactly what I should have done, exactly the right number of stitches, exactly the right needle size and its as if I am making socks for someone with football player calves. I just don't get it. I don't care WHAT I do with this yarn, it will not knit up to save my life. I'm going to re-rip (I'm pissed cause I had tried the picot cuff for the first time and looooved how cute it was) and take the hint that I don't need Halloween socks. I'll just get another yarn from my stash and start something else.

Sixth, still no news on the job front for Chris. That stinks. He did have an interview, and it went well, but no job until January if they hire him. Uggggg.

Seventh, its been entirely too long since I have purchased yarn. Need. Yarn. Badly. Not because I have none to knit, but because I must be addicted to yarn. But, I do have some new sock yarn that was put in the mail today! I'm SOOOOO EXCITED! Oooohhh maybe I can wait for that to arrive and just start socks with that yarn. So many options.....

Eighth, I have two mommies who have given birth already and one about to pop any second. All packages successfully sent off today. I also have one awesome mommy friend having a boy in a very short while and there might be something in progress there but I would never tell if there was. What is with all these people getting pregnant?? I have one friend having twins, two others that are right around 20 weeks, another around 13 weeks. Its craziness.

Ninth, Wyatt is 10 months old today. Where has the time gone?????

Ok, that is more than enough to get you caught up. Pictures of my sock pals socks hopefully next time. And also, pictures of what I made for her other than Monkey Socks. I'm proud. Hopefully its as cute as I think it is.

Friday, October 05, 2007


I got my Ravelry invite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add me (whatever the heck that means, I will figure it out when I am done with work)


Just a day shy of two month wait LOL Awesome!!! I can't wait to play around with it.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Lornas

I got a package in the mail!!! Again. But, this was expected. It is a happy birthday to me gift. Well, I picked it out, mom paid for it. And it came from the lovely Pam. I now have proof, she really is the Yarn Goddess. See what I got?

That is one mass of yarny goodness is it not? See, Pam is destashing a buttload of yarn. I snagged some of her Lorna's. But fear not, she has more. LOTS more. And she has Opal. And she has a mass of others as well, so hop on over and check out what she has. Girlfriend will totally hook you up. Ahhhh Pam. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy birthday to me!!!

For those of you who are counting....that is TEN different colors of Lorna's. I have pictures taken of them individually, and I will gladly show those off. But just not in one post. I'm such a tease. Eight of these are slated for sock gifting purposes. Two are for me. I'm certainly one lucky girl!

I also got my very first yarn club offering. Its from Chewy Spaghetti, Khris' holiday yarn club yarn. Check it out. (I don't mind showing cause I've had it for just under a week, and not many people read my blog anyway so I won't spoil any surprises LOL) Here is what I got from her.

Adorable packaging, no? And it smelled yummy too, cause she had a good smelling candle in there mmmmmm

I refused to open the yarn quickly for anticipation sake. I checked out all the neat little goodies that she packaged along with the yarn. The yummy candle, a cute little bottle cap necklace that I am QUITE sure that Maddie is going to want to steal as soon as she sees it, and an adorable little pumpkin stitch marker!

Check that baby out!! My Halloween sock yarn!! How cute is that? I think I am going to make myself some cute little plain stockinette socks with a picot edging. Now that my Monkey socks are done (YAY!!!!), I can start on these! I better get cranking if I want to be able to wear them in time for Halloween!

Not a bad start to Socktober, huh?

As far as the Monkey swap goes (Oh, and I can't mention Monkey swap without mentioning how much I love my Monkey Sock Pal cause she ROCKS!), socks completed tonight! Now, I have some sewing to do for one of the goodies to go along. I have yarn and pattern waiting, and a few monkey gifts as well! If I can knock out my sewing this weekend, I am planning on popping the box in the mail on Monday. I LOVE MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, finally, good thoughts on Tuesday please!!! There might be something in the works that would be really good for us. That's all I'm gonna say for fear of jinxing :)

Monday, October 01, 2007


YAY!!! I have been waiting an entire year for October to come around. Not just cause its my birthday month, (this year, I officially start counting down not up BTW) but because I can officially be part of Socktober. I couldn't last year cause I was pregnant and Wyatt wouldn't let me knit, and the year before that I didn't have a sock obsession.

I am so stoked!! And, thanks to a super fantastic kick butt sock pal, I have new yarn to start new socks with. And thanks to a few sock clubs, I will have other new yarn to knit with. And I have asked everyone that I know for gift certificates or money for sock yarn for every foreseeable gift-giving occasion from here until I am 147 years old, hopefully I will continue to have much yarn to knit through Socktober and beyond! (I feel like Buzz Lightyear for some reason)

For my new yarn from my sock pal, I have this in mind maybe. Or the Firestarter socks found here. You will also find the Southwestern socks there, which are on my to do list.

And, I am finishing up my Monkeys for my sock pal, just past the heel decreases now. Then, when I am done with those, hopefully in the new few days, I can pop those in the mail. No more pictures! And no pictures of the goodies I am sending along, not until she posts them on her blog. Don't want to spoil the surprise in case she blog hops.

What is on your to do list for Socktober????