Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The one where I admit it

Ok, I know. I admit it. I'm a loser. Look at it. Just look! The 21st of November. Hello, today is the FIFTH of December. What a slack butt I am. I have already failed in my "I will blog regularly" promise. Geez. Oh well, move on.

Thanksgiving flew by pretty quickly, then it was a doc visit, and a week of you know what with contractions, contractions, contractions. Contractions that are doing NOTHING. Whatever that is all about.

I started a hat. Not just any hat. A cabled hat. Irish Hiking Hat, Version 2. Why version 2? I dunno, just cause. I had some brown Lion Brand laying around and I figured I'd made DH a hat. So, I started it. I'm not enjoying it like I thought I would. I think its cause I'm scared of the cables. They aren't hard. Just sound scary I think. We'll see how it turns out. I've done several cable repeats so far and they look good I guess. You never can tell with brown. I'm never happy with anything until I finish it so I am sure it will be ok. I have little faith in my cabling abilities obviously ;) Super easy pattern to follow though, so again its a knitter issue.

I also still have 92342934723423 sock patterns that I want to do. Two of my KALs just posted their December/January patterns. TOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! And DD wants a pair of socks. I really have to finish hers that I started!! My neighbor's socks? FROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ripped 'em right out. Yeah. Ugly color yarn. What was I thinking? I have a new pattern with a thicker gauge yarn for her picked out now. We'll see what they end up looking like. The pattern looks super simple. I also need to make a pair for my mom. Now that I am off bed rest, I am going to take my bag o sock yarn and head into the living room for some new scenery and knitting. It doesn't look like I'll be birthing a baby any time soon. Tonight is a full moon though, so hopefully..........

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