Friday, September 28, 2007

A friend stopped by to visit today

Chris yelled from the other room earlier.....

"The mailman brought you a package today! What are you expecting?"

I ran to the door all excited. Could it be the Lorna's that I might have bought? Or maybe I didn't buy any. Could it be yarn club yarn? What could it be?

It was a package alright. In an Amazon box. I was perplexed!! I haven't purchased anything from Amazon!

So I ripped into the package (I'm heck on Christmas morning, too)

And here is what was inside.

Carefully packaged. NOT from Amazon. Sneaky little gift-sender she is!!!!

Is he not the cutest thing you have EVER seen?!?!?!?!

And LOOK! He has presents for me!!!!!!!!

Beautiful yarn.........I mean beautiful!
The most delicious smelling soap a girl could ever imagine.
And a sock monkey card with the sweetest little message ever.

Another picture just cause he is so darn cute. Look at that yarn.

Who could it be that loves me so???

Mrs. Monkey Friend, of course!!!!

I love Mrs. Monkey Friend. She is the best, anywhere!

This is the best Friday EVER!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The cuteness just never stops

Lack of knitting progress pictures makes me post something so much sweeter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just cause

Just cause I'm a yarn ho....

Pretty red......

Pretty teal/blue....

Ahhhhhhhh multicolored yarn rules........

All from my stash. Just cause I wanted to pull them out and see them again.

Im so gonna start decorating my house with yarn.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

For the love of the Monkey

Wanna see my finished Monkey? You have competition. See?

Oooohhhh Mommy! What is this????

I just wanna....touch it. (Wonder where he gets that?)

Can I have it??

Nope. Sorry buddy. It belongs to my monkey pal. I hope she loves it!! I know I do. For sure!!! Its resting on my homemade sock blocker that my hubby made for me.

And I couldn't resist putting it on my foot. Just to see. And feel. I didn't wear it for long. Just long enough to be jealous.

Speaking of being jealous. Check out Pam's blog. She is the Yarn Goddess. Her link is on my side bar. She is selling an obnoxious amount of sock yarn in an effort to destash. Its beautiful. I might have bought some. I might not have. I'll never tell. hehe

Now I'm hungry. I better go raid the the kitchen and figure out what I am going to make for my family.

Oh...I hope you had a great International Pirate Day yesterday! I did. Argggggggggggggg. Where's me Lorna's?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Comedy of errors

I would not believe this week if I hadn't lived it.

Had a surprise party for my hubby. In my travels, I fell down my front step and beat myself up pretty badly. Its a comical story, but alas my comical mood has flown the coop. Because....

Today he lost his job. This sucks big.

Good thing....I love Lorna's laces. I want to bathe in it. I finished a monkey sock. Pics to follow.

Hope ya'lls week is way better than mine is shaping up to be!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Where does time go?

Between work and kids back to school and completely redoing the kids rooms, my week has flown by. I swear I need more time in a day. Just me, no one else. Just an additional 8 hours for me to work without interruption on all the stuff to get done! Then maybe, just maybe, my life will be somewhat "normal."

Thanks for the comments on my question last post. I knew my girl Manda was a fan of the short cuff on her own socks. (Yes, I do stalk her blog. She was my kick butt Sockapalooza pal, so why wouldn't I?). After all, she lives in what I imagine is a hot climate...If I remember correctly (boy I hope I'm not mistaken) she lived in Texas and moved to Cali. I'd wear shorter cuff socks too. I was glad to see that she wasn't scared of the purl stitch either. I really had begun to think it was just me. And my friend Pam also commented and had good things to say. She loves her the socks as well, you know. If her recliner would just stop eating her needles. And as a side note, I am concerned that Pam is going to turn into an English muffin with ham. Might be hard to knit then, sweetie.

I will say that I have been considering trying out socks on two circulars because maybe it will help me feel better about only having two places to worry about loose stitches instead of four. Funny, I always worry about that but I don't think you can see in my knitting where there are any ladders or wonky stitches. I might just worry too much. So my sock knitting friends who use the it harder or easier than DPNs? Or do you just knit exclusively on circs? Wendy has recently switched. I'm thinking if she can be converted, maybe I should give it a try. If I ever find time to knit again.

I'm shamelessly without pictures again. I am just organizing and not knitting. I am almost done with the heel on the monkeys and moving to the rest of the foot. I am so excited about this yarn I want to see what it will look like when it is finished. I need to get in gear. I hate waiting until the last minute. I have just under two months now. Yikes.

I am thinking of joining a destash group. I have some stuff that I have to get rid of. It just irritates me that it is sitting in my stash and I will never knit it. I have six skeins of Knit Picks Essentials, three different colors, that I know I won't knit. I have two other skeins of two different colors, but not sure if anyone would buy just one skein of that so those I may be stuck with. The matching skeins have already been knitted with so I won't try to get rid of those. And I think I have some Knit Picks Dancing in there that I will be getting rid of also. I am going through my stash from the kids closet. I have a bunch of Knit Picks Parade and Knit Picks Simple Stripes but I think I will keep those to use for gifting of socks. And then there is an entire tub of non-sock related yarn to be sold. Then I can get my Options and some more sock yarn!! And Hubby will think I have done something great by getting rid of some yarn. Its a good thing all the way around. Anyone have any experience with the destashing site? is back to the rooms for me. I have much to do. I have promised to have it finished today. Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

I just wonder

How many people stick to a pattern? Of late, I have noticed many people have been shortcutting perfectly good patterns. Its really starting to get on my nerves. Case in point:


They have six pattern repeats on the cuff. But I see a lot that are only four. Why? Maybe people like shorter cuffs, I dunno. Maybe I'm just being petty. But....I am working on my monkey socks for my pal and got to the end of round five and found myself thinking....I could totally do the heel. I immediately put my knitting down because I knew I was just tired and didn't want to end up doing something I would regret.

No purl stitch monkeys? Ok, now that is way beyond shortening the cuff because you like shorter socks. That is just, well its just wrong to me. Why do people hate the purl stitch?

My diamondbacks were one diamond short, mind you. I did it in an effort to not spend 40 dollars on yarn. But I still ran out of yarn. Then I was just ticked because had I know I was going to need two balls anyway, I would have done three diamonds like the pattern said. Lesson learned. Still, they ended up being as long from heel to cuff as they were heel to toe. Pretty darn long socks. Another diamond would have made them almost knee socks, fine for me but I wasn't sure how my sockapalooza pal felt about knee socks. (Not that I've heard back whether she even received them, much less liked them, but I digress)

I dunno, maybe this is a baby-always-somehow-attached-to-mommy-and-driving-her-bonkers-
so-I'm-extra-moody-post and really is pointless. It just really struck a nerve for me today when I saw a pair of socks made for a sock pal that were two pattern repeats short on the cuff. Maybe their pal requested shorter socks and I'm being crabby for no good reason. It could be my fault.

Maybe I need wine.