Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Lornas

I got a package in the mail!!! Again. But, this was expected. It is a happy birthday to me gift. Well, I picked it out, mom paid for it. And it came from the lovely Pam. I now have proof, she really is the Yarn Goddess. See what I got?

That is one mass of yarny goodness is it not? See, Pam is destashing a buttload of yarn. I snagged some of her Lorna's. But fear not, she has more. LOTS more. And she has Opal. And she has a mass of others as well, so hop on over and check out what she has. Girlfriend will totally hook you up. Ahhhh Pam. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy birthday to me!!!

For those of you who are counting....that is TEN different colors of Lorna's. I have pictures taken of them individually, and I will gladly show those off. But just not in one post. I'm such a tease. Eight of these are slated for sock gifting purposes. Two are for me. I'm certainly one lucky girl!

I also got my very first yarn club offering. Its from Chewy Spaghetti, Khris' holiday yarn club yarn. Check it out. (I don't mind showing cause I've had it for just under a week, and not many people read my blog anyway so I won't spoil any surprises LOL) Here is what I got from her.

Adorable packaging, no? And it smelled yummy too, cause she had a good smelling candle in there mmmmmm

I refused to open the yarn quickly for anticipation sake. I checked out all the neat little goodies that she packaged along with the yarn. The yummy candle, a cute little bottle cap necklace that I am QUITE sure that Maddie is going to want to steal as soon as she sees it, and an adorable little pumpkin stitch marker!

Check that baby out!! My Halloween sock yarn!! How cute is that? I think I am going to make myself some cute little plain stockinette socks with a picot edging. Now that my Monkey socks are done (YAY!!!!), I can start on these! I better get cranking if I want to be able to wear them in time for Halloween!

Not a bad start to Socktober, huh?

As far as the Monkey swap goes (Oh, and I can't mention Monkey swap without mentioning how much I love my Monkey Sock Pal cause she ROCKS!), socks completed tonight! Now, I have some sewing to do for one of the goodies to go along. I have yarn and pattern waiting, and a few monkey gifts as well! If I can knock out my sewing this weekend, I am planning on popping the box in the mail on Monday. I LOVE MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, finally, good thoughts on Tuesday please!!! There might be something in the works that would be really good for us. That's all I'm gonna say for fear of jinxing :)

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