Monday, October 01, 2007


YAY!!! I have been waiting an entire year for October to come around. Not just cause its my birthday month, (this year, I officially start counting down not up BTW) but because I can officially be part of Socktober. I couldn't last year cause I was pregnant and Wyatt wouldn't let me knit, and the year before that I didn't have a sock obsession.

I am so stoked!! And, thanks to a super fantastic kick butt sock pal, I have new yarn to start new socks with. And thanks to a few sock clubs, I will have other new yarn to knit with. And I have asked everyone that I know for gift certificates or money for sock yarn for every foreseeable gift-giving occasion from here until I am 147 years old, hopefully I will continue to have much yarn to knit through Socktober and beyond! (I feel like Buzz Lightyear for some reason)

For my new yarn from my sock pal, I have this in mind maybe. Or the Firestarter socks found here. You will also find the Southwestern socks there, which are on my to do list.

And, I am finishing up my Monkeys for my sock pal, just past the heel decreases now. Then, when I am done with those, hopefully in the new few days, I can pop those in the mail. No more pictures! And no pictures of the goodies I am sending along, not until she posts them on her blog. Don't want to spoil the surprise in case she blog hops.

What is on your to do list for Socktober????

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