Monday, March 31, 2008


Not a whole lotta knitting going on around here. But, I have a lot of knitting that happened while Chris was gone and no blogging got done. So I figured, hey lets play catch up. So I present, Caitlin!

I had Caitlin in my queue for a bit, when someone on Ravelry PM'd me that she had seen her on my queue and fell in love with her as well. Somehow it came about that we would do a knit along together on this project. I was so excited!! I had already ordered my yarn so Kristin ordered hers as well and we set a date of somewhere around the middle of March for a finish date.

I am doing her in the colors suggested, because I suck at matching colors to be quite honest. The only change I had to make, and Kristin had to make as well (basically because we were impatient and didn't want to wait another month to start), was instead of using Sea Spray as the main color, we substituted a slightly darker shade of blue. Turns out, neither of us are terribly fond of the darkness of the substituted blue. Its not ugly mind you, its just not as crisp as we would like. Although, I think that we would be complaining had we been able to get Sea Spray as it is a very light blue and would have shown all kinds of dirt it might have picked up. I still say we went the right route, albeit a bit darker than we had hoped.

The pattern is written to be knitted front and back separately, but Kristin and I both aren't too fond of seaming (case in point, my CPH is still being neglected, probably mad at me, with two sleeves being knitted at once, because I shutter to think of what it is going to be like when I am done with said sleeves and have to actually seam the sucker together. But, I digress). We decided (read: Kristin convinced me and has been dragging me kicking and screaming along the way) to knit it in the round instead. Smart move. That Kristin is a smart girl, and had to put up with a lot of "OH MY GOSH what the heck do I do here" text messages to get me through this. Quite honestly, I'm shocked the poor girl even answers my text messages anymore. "OMG Kristin, how many do I cast on??" or "OMG Kristin, which kind of increases are you doing?" or "OMG now what kind of decreases do I do?" Looking back, I think I owe her dinner. Or yarn. Something must be done to repay her patience. Its not that it is hard, I just had massive freak out attacks because I wasn't following the pattern exactly!

So, after a small bit of 1 x 1 ribbing (ICK!), some fun with pretend fair isle, and miles and miles of blue stockinette, I had the body of Caitlin. And just for the record, I didn't freak out when it was time to divide the front and back again for the arm hole decreases. I think I actually managed to figure that one out on my own. See?


Arm hurting. Will post about the sleeve tomorrow. And note....yes, I said sleeve. Check the date. Its less than 12 hours away from April. My deadline obviously wasn't met. But, I will say that Kristin was able to pull it off. AND HERS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Maybe she'll let me show you pics. ;)


lmilla said...

absolutely beautiful! When I get off my crochet kick, I will have to try this!!! Are you still doing the knit in public thing?

Kellie said...

Yes! Lets plan a get together!!!!

And we have to do something soon because A) I'll go crazy if we don't, B) I have to get you back to knitting, and C) most importantly I want to see you! ;)