Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What knitting?

It has been forever since I posted.

Chris came home on 2/16. We promptly went to the ER with him. Walking pneumonia and double ear infections.
Back to the doctor the next week, still messed up ears. Additionally, a sick Madison. Out of school for a week.
That weekend, a sick Wyatt. Stomach virus.
Chris is working 6 days a week.
Weekend before last, I was walking in to Target holding Little Man, little M walked in front of me and I did not see her. Down I went, holding Wyatt. Luckily he was ok. And I was shocked, still am shocked, that I fell outside of Target, right between the out door and in door, onto the concrete, holding a baby...NO ONE STOPPED to ask if I needed help. All in all I came out well, pretty bruised up knees, oh yeah and that pesky FRACTURED ELBOW.

No work.
Whats worse. No knitting.

Go back to the doc on 4/11.

Went in to town yesterday to take Little Man to the doc for his check up and one shot.

Cost of the visit to the doctor: $91 dollars. (damn deductible!!!)
Cost of two new tires when something jammed into the side wall of my back right tire: $250 dollars.
Coming home to find surprise yarn in the mailbox, a "get well soon" gift from my friend Kristin: Priceless.


lmilla said...

What in the WORLD?!? I had no idea! When did this all happen? Did you say it in your post and I just forgot? Do you need anything? Some food? an extra hand for knitting? Geez, girl... I'm serious let me know if you need ANYTHING.

Anonymous said...

this is a lot for one family. Wow, I thought 3 weeks of illness was bad.

I need to come see your new puppy, he's so cute!

it's Cindy H here!