Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yarn love

Pretty completely distract you from the fact that it has been 19 days and I'm still about 20 rows from finishing my Rusted Root. One would think you could find time to knit 20 stinking rows in no time. Not with a cranky baby, new meds making you feel icky, and did I mention the cranky baby? Cranky is the kind word. Its more like throwing himself in the floor and screaming bloody murder that he is actually doing.

Berroco Love It - for a summer sweater
Noro Sock Yarn
Schaeffer Yarns Heather sock yarn

Ahhhhhhh yarn. Its almost better than chocolate.

Hopefully this weekend I will finish Rusted Root. It sure is pretty. And hopefully I don't run out of yarn. We won't think about that.


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