Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The one where I restart

Ok....so its been a LONG time. But come one. I've been enjoying this.......

Wyatt Eugene. Isn't he the cutest thing ever? I think so.

Anyway, I have lots going on. I am working on this...

Its a gift for my friend who is having her baby in three weeks. The hat is done. The blanket isn't. I am only 1/3 of the way done. Oops.

And, I have been working on these.
Remember how I said I never made my socks to match? Well look! Can you see it? OMG they match!! I'm so proud!!! It wasn't hard, really. I can't wait to see them both done. And, I casted on for both of them to avoid one sock-itis. We'll see if I now end up with two non completed socks. I hope not.

They are Horcrux Socks! Susan did them as a sock knit a long, kind of a mystery sock deal. Here is where the tutorial begins!

And alas.....the reason that I am starting over on the blog. I now have a KAL in progress with some mommy friends!! Yay! We are doing a felted bag. Here is my yarn.

The main color will be the beigy color, with the dark brown probably around the top. I'm thinking of tossing in some fun fur in there randomly just to add some interest. We'll see how it goes. I'm waiting to start, cause one of our mommy friends is waiting on her yarn from knit picks. I can't wait to see how different each bag turns out!

Ok so there's the scoop! I have another sweater that I have the yarn for that I MUST do....and I am purchasing yarn for this too. I have to, cause the yarn is only 3.99 on sale at Webs!! I'm such a loser.

And hey, can't forget. Thanks to my way cool mommy friend for creating a blog and getting me off my butt to restart mine. You rock!

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lmilla said...

Kellie - I love the new layout! and the pic of Wyatt is adorable! I have some random questions for you... so be on the lookout!

I've already learned so much from you, and we haven't even really started on the KAL! Thanks for posting the pics of the sweaters you're going to make - they're gorgeous and will have to go on my project list, too.