Monday, June 25, 2007

Here she is!

The booga.....

I wish this represented the true colors. But, alas it doesn't. The brown looking stripes are really a mossy green. The pink isn't so bright, neither is the purple. Its way more muted than this picture shows.

I LOVE IT!! Chris wants to make me one double the size. He too was disappointed at how small it turned out. I still love it nonetheless.

I am making myself start some new socks today for the Summer of Socks. My blog reader is super cool, I loved checking out her site. You should check it out too! I am already realizing that in no way, shape, or form would I ever win the "most socks" contest. There is a person with already two pairs finished. I wish I got that much time to knit!!!!!!

In addition to starting some new socks, so that I will have progress to show, I have got to get my first Sockapalooza sock done. Its been sitting on my needles probably wondering why it has been neglected. I wanted so badly to finish a project so my booga took priority. I will now make myself work several rows a day on my pal's sock. Want to get it done. I have until August 2nd, but the longer I procrastonate, the more likely I am to push it to the deadline. I refuse. And, if that is hanging around on my 2s, its harder for me to start more socks for the SOS. See, I'm finding motivation. I also got some from a mommy friend. She made Wyatt the CUTEST wall hanging with a frog on it. So now she gets socks as a thank you. Those pop to the top of the list!

Next time....a finished Diamondback!!!

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