Monday, September 03, 2007

I just wonder

How many people stick to a pattern? Of late, I have noticed many people have been shortcutting perfectly good patterns. Its really starting to get on my nerves. Case in point:


They have six pattern repeats on the cuff. But I see a lot that are only four. Why? Maybe people like shorter cuffs, I dunno. Maybe I'm just being petty. But....I am working on my monkey socks for my pal and got to the end of round five and found myself thinking....I could totally do the heel. I immediately put my knitting down because I knew I was just tired and didn't want to end up doing something I would regret.

No purl stitch monkeys? Ok, now that is way beyond shortening the cuff because you like shorter socks. That is just, well its just wrong to me. Why do people hate the purl stitch?

My diamondbacks were one diamond short, mind you. I did it in an effort to not spend 40 dollars on yarn. But I still ran out of yarn. Then I was just ticked because had I know I was going to need two balls anyway, I would have done three diamonds like the pattern said. Lesson learned. Still, they ended up being as long from heel to cuff as they were heel to toe. Pretty darn long socks. Another diamond would have made them almost knee socks, fine for me but I wasn't sure how my sockapalooza pal felt about knee socks. (Not that I've heard back whether she even received them, much less liked them, but I digress)

I dunno, maybe this is a baby-always-somehow-attached-to-mommy-and-driving-her-bonkers-
so-I'm-extra-moody-post and really is pointless. It just really struck a nerve for me today when I saw a pair of socks made for a sock pal that were two pattern repeats short on the cuff. Maybe their pal requested shorter socks and I'm being crabby for no good reason. It could be my fault.

Maybe I need wine.


Manda said...

I usually shorten the cuff because I like shorter cuffs. What's the point in me knitting the longer cuffs when I'll have to fold them over and you can't see the pattern? lol :) Usually if I'm knitting socks for other people (e.g., your sockapalooza socks), I'll knit the pattern as written, unless they specify that they only like a certain length cuff. :) I haven't seen any of the knit-the-purls in the monkey pattern, but someone asked if I was doing that on the ones I'm knitting. There's not that much purl in the pattern, so i don't see what the problem is either. :)

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

If I'm doing customs, then I knit to the customer's specifications. If I'm doing a swap, then I stick to the pattern unless my pal has asked for them to be a certain length. However, if you're shortening the pattern just to be lazy, then perhaps you shouldn't be knitting that particular pattern or should put it down for a while and come back to it when you're in a better frame of mind.

Personally, I don't like shortcuts. I'm too anal to want to compromise my work by doing something that might save me a fraction of a minute but will result in a lesser outcome. Call me nuts, but that's how I am.