Sunday, September 09, 2007

Where does time go?

Between work and kids back to school and completely redoing the kids rooms, my week has flown by. I swear I need more time in a day. Just me, no one else. Just an additional 8 hours for me to work without interruption on all the stuff to get done! Then maybe, just maybe, my life will be somewhat "normal."

Thanks for the comments on my question last post. I knew my girl Manda was a fan of the short cuff on her own socks. (Yes, I do stalk her blog. She was my kick butt Sockapalooza pal, so why wouldn't I?). After all, she lives in what I imagine is a hot climate...If I remember correctly (boy I hope I'm not mistaken) she lived in Texas and moved to Cali. I'd wear shorter cuff socks too. I was glad to see that she wasn't scared of the purl stitch either. I really had begun to think it was just me. And my friend Pam also commented and had good things to say. She loves her the socks as well, you know. If her recliner would just stop eating her needles. And as a side note, I am concerned that Pam is going to turn into an English muffin with ham. Might be hard to knit then, sweetie.

I will say that I have been considering trying out socks on two circulars because maybe it will help me feel better about only having two places to worry about loose stitches instead of four. Funny, I always worry about that but I don't think you can see in my knitting where there are any ladders or wonky stitches. I might just worry too much. So my sock knitting friends who use the it harder or easier than DPNs? Or do you just knit exclusively on circs? Wendy has recently switched. I'm thinking if she can be converted, maybe I should give it a try. If I ever find time to knit again.

I'm shamelessly without pictures again. I am just organizing and not knitting. I am almost done with the heel on the monkeys and moving to the rest of the foot. I am so excited about this yarn I want to see what it will look like when it is finished. I need to get in gear. I hate waiting until the last minute. I have just under two months now. Yikes.

I am thinking of joining a destash group. I have some stuff that I have to get rid of. It just irritates me that it is sitting in my stash and I will never knit it. I have six skeins of Knit Picks Essentials, three different colors, that I know I won't knit. I have two other skeins of two different colors, but not sure if anyone would buy just one skein of that so those I may be stuck with. The matching skeins have already been knitted with so I won't try to get rid of those. And I think I have some Knit Picks Dancing in there that I will be getting rid of also. I am going through my stash from the kids closet. I have a bunch of Knit Picks Parade and Knit Picks Simple Stripes but I think I will keep those to use for gifting of socks. And then there is an entire tub of non-sock related yarn to be sold. Then I can get my Options and some more sock yarn!! And Hubby will think I have done something great by getting rid of some yarn. Its a good thing all the way around. Anyone have any experience with the destashing site? is back to the rooms for me. I have much to do. I have promised to have it finished today. Have a great weekend!!!

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Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Well, my dear, I actually ate some bowtie pasta with chicken, mushrooms, garlic, onions, a sort of Alfredo sauce, and lots of cheese for dinner. It was yummy. And today we're going to Berkeley to a wonderful seafood restaurant. I think the English muffins have been retired for a while.

Personally, I much prefer using two circs and doing two socks at the same time. You don't have to pick up stitches along the heel flap (you just meld the gussets together with the heel), you use short rows that don't require wrapping, and they're toe-up, so your cast-on is your toe. You also have a couple of choices for your toe configuration - the standard increases along the sides, or a fantail increase where the increases are on the top and bottom. I like that toe because it's shaped to fit your foot. You also never run out of yarn because you knit until your cuffs are long enough or you see that you're going to go broke, so you just stop. I've never had ladders; you knit the first stitch loosely, then tighten the second stitch and give the third one a tug. Then you proceed as usual. They always come out perfectly. I taught myself how to do it with a book called Crazy Toes and Heels (or something very similar) by Queen Kahuna aka Mary Ann Beattie. You can buy it at Her book is incredible - it's designed for the visual learner. Tons of pictures, lots of written instructions, and some extra goodies. I highly recommend it, and if you have problems, I'm always available to help you.

Good luck if you decide to do them!