Thursday, December 06, 2007


So I know I have been going on and on about my fantastic sock pal. And I know I have said she spoiled me. Truth can't even call it spoiling. I mean, this is down right over indulging me is what it is. Don't believe me? Ok fine. Here are some samplings of what I got in my package.

Dream in Color.....Smooshy sock yarn (Of course, I have been wanting this horribly)
Colorway: Dusky Aurora
Is it not the prettiest little thing you have seen?

Duet Sock Yarns
Colorway: I believe its Cowgirl
Know how I got this? I *mentioned* that I had missed out on it from The Loopy Ewe and it made me sad. She got it specially dyed for me. See? Spoiled.

Scarlet Fleece
Colorway: Antique Watermelon
Its embarrassing that I know the lady who dyes this yarn, but hadn't tried her Scarlet Fleece. My first pair of socks I knitted were done in her worsted weight yarn.

See. Told you. You might not have believed me. But, oh there is more. So much more. So much more, that I won't even put it all in one post. And it could take me forever to show you everything I got.

And speaking of wonderful.....have you seen this review of Forbidden Fleece? Awww shucks. I don't know when the last time I was speechless was <3

By the way.....that is a fantastic reference for those of you who are interested in supporting indie dyers. She painstakingly reviews the yarns...and she will definitely give an honest opinion. I might have been tempted (read: compelled) to buy yarn from some of the dyers based on her recommendations.

Ok, that is enough fun for today. I have yarn to skein and a baby to cuddle!

Speaking of super awesome mommy friend should be having a new little bundle to cuddle herself in the next little bit. And I MIGHT have something for said little cuddly bundle in my house to deliver to her.

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