Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Spreadin' the love

I have pictures today!!!!!!!

First, just in case you didn't believe that I never take these off. More pictures as proof!

I still love them.

Can you tell?

And then we have a WIP. Nope. I can't take credit for it. Its NOT mine.

Knitting student (also known as ... Nikki). Yep. A CABLED scarf. Isn't it pretty? She loves cables. She is a SUPER tight knitter. Those two things just don't go together in my mind, but it looks absolutely fantastic, and she is the one that has to work with those rediculously, insanely, super tight stitches. Not me. I thought I was a tight knitter. Wow. But. The scarf has taken a backseat to.....


A) Isn't she the cutest thing you've seen?
B) Can you tell that is a sock in her hand?
C) She is done with that sock. She is on her match for her first pair of hand knitted socks!
D) She loves them.
E) Did I mention she is adorable?

Q: Who is this????
A: Knitting mom (Cindy)
Q: What is she wearing?
A: Her first FO! (Well, her first KNITTED FO....she is a crocheter)
Q: When was this pic taken?
A: A few weeks ago. She currently has a hat (almost finished) on the needles, a sock (probably not remotely closed to finished) on the needles, and a baby blanket (I think currently frogged) on the needles.

So funny. Nikki is very much like me. I skip project to project, have to have a bunch going on at one time to suit my mood. So Nikki has a scarf, socks, and is grumbling about wanting a sweater on the needles. Her scarf stays here for "emergencies" such as leaving her knitting at she will always have something to work on while she is here. (I told you she is cute...AND smart!) Cindy. Quite the opposite. She has all that stuff *on* her needles, and she did make a valiant effort to be wild and crazy like Nikki and I. But, she has decided that she will work on ONE thing at a time. So, her hat is almost finished (if not already), she mentioned picking up the baby blanket following the hat, no mention of the sock lately (I'm kind of worried), and she also has yarn for a full-sized blanket as well as a sweater. So, she will have an out of control stash (like teacher like student) and a full queue of things that she has *planned* to knit (like teacher like student, again). But I kinda feel like she might actually work through her knitting queue. Unlike her teacher. ;)

I still have yet to snap a picture of Chris' sock. I think I am going to start him on blogging! We also might need to set up a blog for his *other* masterpieces...there are some pictures that just have to be shown.

Oh yeah. What is on the agenda tonight?

Maddie (my 10 year old) wants to learn to knit.

I'm determined knitters will take over the world.

Also, I will be reskeining some yarn. And Chris might be busy.....dyeing some.

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Anonymous said...

You're so funny Kelly(Teacher). Finishing the hat but it says I need to move to double pointed needles. I know what they look like, but can't for the life of me figure out how to move to those or what to do next.........Teacher, I need some help.

I love seeing me and Nik out. Hey that scarf looks better that I thought!

As far as the socks, well I've pulled them apart again. I think this make number 7 for restarting. You're right about the one project at a time, I need focus.