Friday, December 28, 2007

Holidays are too busy

So its been a while since I posted. Quick update.

Currently on the needles (that have gotten *recent* attention):
Two pairs of socks for a friend. One pair of monkeys (cause her meanie head sock pal didn't come through for her in the Monkey Sock swap GRRR), and another pair just cause I love her.

One pair of socks for another friend. Monkeys. These are WAY over due.

Another pair of socks. Can't get motivated.

The Central Park Hoodie. I love this pattern, and its a relatively quick knit. I'm half way up the back, but distressed because my third cable is two rows too long. Chris says you can't tell. I know though. Will I rip back? I'm not sure. I'm not a big "rip it out" type of gal unless I am totally going to bag the entire project.

Yarn waiting to be knitted: (ok this is new yarn, so not addressing "the stash")
I have some Cascade yarn sitting by my knitting "spot" so that I can start Corsica. This will be a challenge and a half.

Yarn dyeing: We are in the process of dyeing up a wholesale order for a new shop that is opening up in the next month or so. We need to ship some yummies out to her so she has something to start up with, of course! I will, of course, provide a link when the page is up and ready to go.

On the home front: Chris - training in Atlanta for six weeks for his NEW JOB! YAY!
Wyatt and I are sick. What else is new.

Cool new friend news: My mommy friend had her baby on 12/21! A new baby boy to cuddle with for the holidays. What a joy. Congrats, sweetie!

I have been thinking a lot of about my goals for my knitting next year. I will be putting them down in a list so that maybe, just maybe, I can get some motivation to get all I want done. I do mean done. I don't mean 75% done then sitting on the needles for years on end. I have way too many projects like that as is.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday! Bring on 2008. Lets have lots of good stuff happening this year, ok? I'm over 2007 :)

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