Sunday, January 27, 2008

I stink at it, and I'm ok with that


I like the concept. Its a neat one. But out of five attempts, ONE has turned out decent. The first, well just research the blog to find that one. It was early in my blogging journey. And it was a KAL with some mommy friends. Lets just say......its tucked away in Maddie's closet. My booga bag, was a great success! Then Chris tried a double-sized booga. Not so good. Then he tried a regular size booga with non-Noro yarn. Again. Not so good. The other day I was going through my closet (read: trying to figure out what the heck to do with all of this yarn for sweaters that I *somehow* acquired), I found a bag that all I had to do was knit the handles and felt. This is my year to start what I finished so I spent two days finishing it and it just came out of the washer.

This is what it started out as (before handles)

Are you laughing? Stop laughing. Surely it would look better felted! Those pieces just hanging there at the top, well you just pick up behind all of those little tentacles and you knit the handles. Then you felt it. So surely, much better felted.

Um. No. I don't even have the heart to take a picture post-felting. My knitting ego is blown all to heck now.

This really sucks....cause I have the yarn for the Celtic Tote (Rav link here, non-Rav link here). Maybe I just need felting supervision.

Back to sweaters and socks for me.


lmilla said...

no no no! don't give up! I'd be happy to supervise, if you promise to hold my hand while I actually finish that pair of socks we started last summer!!!

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