Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Socks? What are socks?

Something weird has happened! I haven't picked up socks in several weeks! Instead....I have been working on sweaters.

I know. Its crazy isn't it? I thought for sure it wouldn't happen. But hey, there are so many great patterns, I couldn't resist.

On the needles:

(please excuse the bad picture)
Central Park Hoodie
Donegal Tweed, dark purple in color
Back is finished, and I also finished the left front just last night. That puts me at about 50% done. I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!!!!! Its so easy, but its so fun. Yes, I said a cabled pattern was easy. I told you, something weird has happened.

Cascade 220, fantastically gorgeous amazing red
I just cast on last night after I finished my left front on the CPH. I wanted something knit in the round and I couldn't resist the red lusciousnesses of the yarn. I'm only on my second row. It looks to be a fun knit, and a quick one as its the worsted weight version. And I am doing the long sleeved version. Not a cable in sight on this one, just pretty twisted kinda stitch thing going on.

Also, I have Corsica on the needles.
Cascade 220 Heathers (noticing a fascination with 220???)
This one is going to be a bit more on the challenging side for me. I fell in love with this sweater the first time I saw it. It has an interesting construction to it as well. You begin with that cabled band in the middle, and the entire sweater is sort of built around it. I'm not finding it difficult so much as its just a lot of different stuff going on. So, this won't be mindless middle of the night knitting. This will be a Wyatt is napping and I have extra brain energy to burn kind of project. But it sure is pretty. I'm quite sure I won't be wearing it this winter though.

There are also two other sweaters in the queue with yarn on order for them (I'm such a yarn whore). This heavenly sweater, and then this equally delicious one (its the first one on the list). Colorwork and cables. Who'da thunk? The yarn was temptingly inexpensive so I was weak.

What else am I drooling over pattern wise?? Check these out!!
Olive branch - 2nd on the list
Poppy - this sweater makes me giddy!!
Equinox Yolk Pullover - cover sweater

Think I have enough ideas in my head to keep me busy for six weeks while Chris is away in Atlanta????

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