Friday, August 31, 2007

Details, details

Ok...first of all. Yes, I am a button thief. But Pam told me to do it. So now I have buttons to show off my addiction. And I also have a button so you can click to her blog from mine. One day I am going to figure out all this cool blogging stuff. Like how to get my very own button. Not that anyone links to me, but its still cool to have a button. Or like how to get some of those nifty little progress bars that knitters seem to have. Can't figure that out either. Oh well...I'm a yarn ho, not a blogger queen.

So.....details on my sock yarn that has me drooling. This is it. Try to control yourself when you see it. Its amazing, and unfortunately the pic does it not nearly the justice it deserves. Ready?

Is that not the most fantastic thing you have EVER seen in your life? The colors in ... person? yarn? Well when you get the yarn in your hands, its fantastically beautiful. I swear, I didn't even have any chocolate yesterday this did so much for me.

Stats: Lorna's Laces, Devon colorway

This confirms for me that I will definitely possess some of this (after I'm off of my no more yarn rule due to swaps) and quite possibly some liberty yarn too that I have been wanting in Lorna's. There are other colors too, but one has to start somewhere. And just when I thought it couldn't be more beautiful. It looks just as pretty in a ball!

Although, I'm not sure the pictures really show off how pretty it is in fact. I guess I need to figure out the whole picture taking thing as well huh? Darn rookies.

Here is how far I got last night. Wyatt had a rough night. Teething. It sucks. And just a helpful note to mommies. If you decide to give numbing gel (which I will never, ever do again) be smart, unlike I was, and give the Tylenol FIRST. Numbing gel numbs everything, and they can't swallow the Tylenol if you do it last. It causes a horrible choking fit. Sometimes, I am concerned about my lack of common sense.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the extra day off!!!


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Wow, Kellie! Thank you for putting my personal button on your site! I consider that quite an honor. :)

Yes, the Lorna's is amazing. I have enough in different colors to make something like 100 pairs of socks. It used to be the only yarn I'd buy until I found all the indie dyers on Etsy. I haven't bought any Lorna's for a long time now, but their colors are just beautiful.

When my babies were teething (daughter and grands), I put some whisky on a Q-Tip and rubbed it on their gums. It works like a charm. No Tylenol needed. It not only numbs their gums, but they love the taste and it helps them sleep. I used to have to fight my daughter to get the Q-Tip back LOL. And it's such a tiny amount of whiskey that it doesn't hurt them one bit. Good luck with the teething thing - it can be hard on a mama. But as you know, it doesn't last long.

Good luck with your knitting this weekend! I would like to knit a lot this weekend (after cleaning, which I still haven't done).

Happy Labor Day!

lmilla said...

Hey, I can help you with any buttons or graphs or anything your little heart desires! Let me know!

I hope to see you soon!