Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The one where there is a heel

Welp, now that I have gifted the first felted object to my daughter, I must make one for myself. I hope mine turns out half as beautiful as my way cool Felting Queen friend's did!!!!

Here is what I have been up to since deciding that the fun fur was not for me (although, honestly the more I see it the more I get used to it).

Socks. I love you so.

I just could not wait to get to that I could do this. (see my Virginia Tech jammies?) But.....why?

Why, why, why? I followed directions. I listened. I even played back Cookie on Tivo repeatedly so I would do it right. Why are you too big?

I still love you. I still have hope. And, just in case you do remain too big after completion, rest assured my beauties, that you will find a good home. I will gift you to a deserving person with big feet. I know a few. I am just not one of them. I hear you if your original intention was to be for one of those big footed lucky people. And I also understand that it would only happen in that way so that I could re-make your beautiful pattern in some Socks That Rock yarn. Oh how I love you so, my beautiful Knitty Gritty Cookie A. socks. You are so on my must do again list. And again. And again. Have I mentioned I love you? Well. I do.

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lmilla said...

Stop... you're making me blush! AND you're making me jealous. They are so pretty - I'll be sending small-feet sock wishes your way.

I'm off... to knit my fingers to the knub to finish my Paris Loop!