Thursday, April 12, 2007

The one where there is a toe

You are looking at the 92nd member of the 52 pair plunge knit along! I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So in honor of this accomplishment, I give you the following.

I did this last night.

Sans ball winder. I was SO proud of myself for creating my very own center pull ball without a ball winder. All I needed was a pill bottle, my knees, and my yarn. Pretty crafty, if I do say so myself.

My sheep seemed to like the new ball.

So then I started knitting. And I knitted what I thought was a toe. I sat it down last night, went to bed, and then this morning I picked it back up. Luckily at some point, I realized that what I had was not a toe at all. I was doing the increases all wrong. (Notice a pattern with me and my increase issues??) So, this is what my needles looked like this morning.

So I sat down, TIVO remote in hand and I watched the knitty gritty episode with Cookie. I watched her do it, then I casted on....Tivo on pause....then she knitted the first row....Tivo on pause while I knitted my first get the idea. So....this is what I have now.

I give very first toe a la toe up socks!!

Not too shabby, huh? On to the lace. I'm scared. But I am woman.....I will knit....and I won't be afraid.

Meanwhile.....back on the farm. This is the newest development in my house. 21 baby chicks. I'm a redneck.

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lmilla said...

Beautiful! You'll have to teach me the ball-winding trick! I don't think DH would like me buying a winder at this stage of the game - maybe a couple more months of knitting!

I will have to ask Sharon about blogging - thanks for lettnig me know about her blogging prowress.

BTW - my email is down - has been for a week. I'll real-email you as soon as I can!