Friday, April 04, 2008

Just keep knitting!

Geez. Sometimes I make this knitting thing really freaking difficult on myself.

My Rockin' Sock Club first installment socks have been on my needles for some time now. I stopped knitting cause of my elbow so they just sat. I decided to pick them up to see how I could manage with knitting them. I got all the way to the heel, which is a short row heel, read the instructions, and immediately commenced to freaking out.

I ran to Rav, searched for pattern errata because certainly it had to be wrong. All signs pointed to "just blind knit the pattern, it isn't wrong." DO WHAT??????? I can't blind knit! I have to KNOW what I'm doing!!!! How can I knit something that doesn't make sense? Why does it tell me to knit over 39 stitches but on the first row I only knit 35 of them then do a W&T?? What in the world?????? And oh hey, what the heck is a wrap and turn anyway?

Crap. Time to figure out how the heck to do a wrap and turn. I couldn't find it on Ok, maybe I didn't look hard enough, but it wasn't out there with a big bold sign saying KELLIE LOOK RIGHT HERE!! THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR OH IMPATIENT ONE!!!! But alas, despite myself, I found it somewhere. No clue where. Didn't believe it was just put the yarn to the front (or back if purling), slip the next stitch, put the yarn back in the back and turn. That can't be a wrap and turn. That wasn't a wrap. That was a strangling of a stitch. It should be called strangle and turn if that is what you are supposed to do. Ok so it appears as if this is really a wrap and turn so I can handle that.

But really, this pattern has to have an error. I can't be working a heel over 39 stitches but only knit 35 of them in the first row. It makes no sense. I went to the Rockin' Sock Club Blog. And I read their questions on heel help.

Suddenly, in the midst of scouring for information, as if slammed in the head with a 2 x 4, I thought to myself. DING DING DING...I think I get it. I'll just blind knit and see what happens! (Yeah, ok. So I'm slow.)

Then I did something, which impressed even myself. I put in a lifeline. Couldn't believe it, but I did. I am not a fan of ripping back, especially in the round, so I put in a lifeline *just in case* everyone was wrong and the blind knitting didn't work out.

But oh hey. It turns out that the pattern wasn't wrong. You just gotta blind knit and it will all make sense.

Yep. I'm rolling my eyes too. Its knitting people, not rocket science. I just try to make it seem that way.

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adrienne said...

there is definitely something to be said for "blind knitting!" glad everything worked out for you. the sock is looking great!