Monday, April 21, 2008


Caitlin is finished, minus blocking and seaming under the arms.

Its too hot now for me to worry about doing it this instant. But I will.

Why no head? Well. Because I needed a shower. Badly. And I couldn't bear to show a pic on here that is that bad. That being said, I put it on Ravelry. My logic is flawed I know.


I started the Summertime Tunic!

I'm so much farther than this now, matter of fact I am about 15 rows from splitting the front and back.

I'm sad though, cause I'm cruising through this and my knitting partner (Kristin, of Caitlin KAL), is not cruising through it quite as quickly. I kinda feel bad for whipping through it.

But, then there is Nikki (Knitting Student, FPS!!!!) who is through the ribbing! She started on THURSDAY. THURSDAY PEOPLE!!!! So, I can't slow down. Or she will catch me and beat me! The student cannot beat the teacher.

See, this competition thing works out well for me ;)

Oh mom said the sweater is "baby poop green." Can you slap your mom?

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