Sunday, August 26, 2007

Facing reality

So after searching some sock-lover's blogs, I had to face a harsh reality. I am but a rookie. Not that my ability is lacking, or that I do not take on fantastic challenges in my sock knitting. stash. Well. Its embarrassing. See:
I know. Its bad, huh? Its in my dresser. So what do I have in there? On the left, front is Collinette Jitterbug. There are two bags behind it which contain one skein of Opal yarn, two skeins of Regia yarn, one of my Louet yarns and my Lorna's (obtained from the Loopy Ewe not too long ago). Beside Louets and panda cotton obtained from the Loopy Ewe the same time as I got the others. Under that is my Apple Laine that I got from my Sockapalooza pal. Beside that is my Colinette Jitterbug and my Cherry Tree Hill that I got at the beginning of Sockapalooza. And one skein of Tofutsies that I got to knit some "Thanks for training me" socks for DH's trainer at work. Enough for 14 socks.

There you have it. That is my "good" sock yarn. I do have some of the other stuff in the closet in Maddie's room (none of this is the *good* stuff) but its Knit Picks dancing (which BTW I hate), some Knit Picks essentials (which again BTW I hate), Knit Picks Parade along with some other worsted sock yarn, and some other self striping yarn that I will never use because I hate self-striping yarn. Oh yeah I have four wound skeins of some sock yarn that I got off of ebay about two years ago. The end. Period.

To a non-sock knitter (ie. my husband) this sounds like QUITE the stash of yarn. But sock knitters know, this is just pathetic. And compared to my "regular"yarn stash, this is just a drop in the bucket. I have so much "other" yarn I could open a yarn store. So I was thinking.....maybe it is time to destash some of my other yarn in order to make money to buy a ridiculous amount of sock yarn. I need sock yarn. Desperately. And even more saddening, I just made an order from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe. And none of it was for me. It was all for my super lucky monkey sock pal! I love the colors I chose for her and hopefully she will love them equally.

And, on the monkey sock pal front, I still have the best sock pal EVER. I'm beginning to feel guilty, because I sincerely believe that no one could have a better pal than I have. She is quite possibly the coolest knitting chick ever. She sends me frequent emails letting me know she is knitting for me, thinking of me, and wishing me well. Clearly, this is the beginning of a fantastic friendship.

Oh and speaking of monkey sock pal swap.... fellow sock swap member Pam posted a comment on my blog! Check out her page. She is one bad-butt sock knitter. She really is a yarn goddess! I love her blog!! She has a pretty fantastic stash it appears too. I'm insanely I will live vicariously through her and her stash. One day, my friends. One day.

Did you notice the other yarn in the picture? That is cotton yarn for dish cloths. That was donated by my mom. I have a dish cloth in progress, and as you know DH knitted one. Oh and apparently the pictures do not show clearly that the dishcloth has a dragonfly on it? Not a pot leaf. There has been some confusion amongst some mommy friends on this point HAHAHAHAHA!

And here is my finished sock. One lone sock. Why one lone sock? Because. Its knitted in Knit Picks Essentials. Did I mention its not my favorite? I love Knit Picks yarns, usually. I think I have just fallen in love with the other stuff so much that I've been spoiled.

It is the Breeze pattern from Knitty.
Nice little pattern. Works up pretty easily. Probably not a good choice of yarn color because it doesn't show the pattern very well. But I didn't mind knitting it. And its an anklet so it works up pretty quickly. I imagine it works up faster on yarn you like. I think I'm harping. Sorry.

Here is the heel. Pretty cute!! I am totally into socks that have patterns on the heel. These were to be for me, but I think I will see if one of my mommy friends wants them. I'm not a big anklet kinda gal.

And I have a monkey on the needles. Just to keep me busy until my sock pal yarn comes in.

I won't say what yarn they are. Cause that might be harping. Different from the anklets though.

See the pile of books? Those are from the library. They laughed when I checked out five knitting books, three of them being sock related. More sensational knitted socks (they didn't have the 1st one, odd), Socks soar on two circulars, Knitting Vintage Socks, Itty-bitty hats (I have 8 pregnant mommy friends, you know), and Cables untangled. The library really needs to up their knitting collection, because they do not have enough. We need Cat's new book, and the first Sensational Knitted Socks, and there are many others I would like to read too. Fitted Knits maybe? Get with it tiny little town library. Knitters have needs.

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Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Thank you! I'm really happy that you like my blog, as well as my stash! You may live vicariously through me, the blog, and it as often as you want. And don't worry. Your stash will grow. I've been working on mine for a while now.