Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How you know you are addicted

Ok so you know I love The Loopy Ewe, right? Well. They have their sneak ups. Apparently they USED to tell people when they were, but now she just puts them up there without so much as a word! That is fantastic, because it makes for much excitement. But, today it has made me become OCD. I keep checking. Must see the new yarn. Must buy new yarn. Only three orders away from being a Loopie Groupie! And of course, probably in that amount of orders I will also reach the ability to be considered a frequent shopper and get some goodies that way (I refuse to divulge if I am already a frequent shopper or not, I just won't tell). I am waiting for mail to show up in my box that would have the Loopy's name on it, containing sock yarn for my sock pal along with her Cookie pattern. I'm so jealous of the yarn I got for her. Its so pretty.

I am plugging along on my other monkeys, but the little fella has been teething, and that makes for little knitting time. Sooooo, no pictures for you because the progress is not terribly exciting. Now, progress on my hubby's new project? THAT is exciting! He is almost done with his second ball of yarn. He was knitting the other day and his friend came in. He looked like a deer in the headlights. His friend said "What on earth are you making?" Being the fast thinker he is, hubby says "Ummm, a hunting vest." His friend replied....."Uhhhhhhhhhhhh its pink, dude." Busted.

I am also closely eying Blue Moon Fiber make some Socks That Rock of course!! I've not tried STR yarn yet, and I think it is about darn time I do! We'll see. It depends on what Sheri puts up. If I go broke buying from her, the STR might have to go on a wish list for my birthday and Christmas!

Oh....and Hi Sock Pal!!!!!!! I am sure I haven't mentioned that my sock pal ROCKS! I don't know why I have failed to say that. hehe

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Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Sheri does let you know when there's a Sneak-Up. In fact, there's one going on right now. I'd head over there if I were you.

Oh, the good old days of when I first became a Loopy Groupie. That was about 20 orders ago, I think LOL.