Monday, August 13, 2007

A tale of a sock

Ahhhh the story of the sockapalooza socks. What a tale it is.

Here is where I was......looking as if I might make it on time!!

Certainly I could make it!! I was excited. Rounding the heel....starting the 50 rows leading to the start of the toe. Sweet anticipation.

Then suddenly.....I realized.

Here is where I was.......and I had 50 more rows total to go. And here is what I saw when I looked at my yarn.

Surely this was a joke. No way I was going to get 50 rows out of that bit of yarn. This was not acceptable. Quickly emailed my pal, hey the socks are a gonna be a little late but don't worry I'm not ditching you (so I'm paraphrasing). And I start calling my LYS in the area.

Got any Collinette Jitterbug in Blue Parrot? No. No. No. And finally, another No.

So....I ordered some on line and got it in the mail three days later. Now we are a week late on the date to send out the socks.

Yarn received on Thursday, knitting done on Sunday (I had "family issues" on Friday and Saturday, of course, it figures. When it rains....). And is the status o' the diamondbacks.

They are freakishly long on me. I sure hope my sock pal's feet are way bigger than mine. Her foot measures a good 3/4 inch longer than mine, so I made the socks as such. And the heel was a little longer than needed for mine. I'm worried that these will be a flop, but lets think positive and say that they will fit perfect!

Next issue....can you see where I joined the new yarn? I was worried about the hand dyed yarn not matching but it looks (to me) like you can't tell. I am hoping again that this has worked out in my favor.

Here is the pattern on the back of the sock. Its soooo pretty. I love it!!!

Here they are, all snuggled up in their sock ball band. I'd hide her name, but hey she will get them in a matter of days and I doubt she will track down my blog and find her socks before then. (Fingers crossed)

Here are the goodies that I sent along with her socks. The ball band for the free jitterbug pattern and washing instructions. The socks (duh!), a sheep measuring tape (everyone needs one, mine is black as is appropriate for me being the black sheep all the way around), two balls of sock yarn with some bright colors and blues, and a gift certificate for an official sockpalooza 4 bag. And then, all of that got settled into this.

I made her a bag, a blue bag of course (man she is going to be sick of blue) and pretty lime green contrasting fabric because I thought it was pretty. All of this in an effort to make her forgive me for being late, and forgetting that I could very well be a sockapal-loser.

I hope you love them sock pal :)

Next time....MY SOCKAPALOOZA SOCKS!! I <3 my sock pal........

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