Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It has been said before. But....I am correct when I say that I have the BEST Sockapalooza pal ever!!! These are my socks!!

Are they not the most wonderful things you have ever seen? I love them! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!

Stats: They are "Periwinkle Socks" (available for free on the Crystal Palace website). They are knitted in Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in the Strawberries-limes colorway.

They fit perfectly! And included in my package was this....

A lovely note from my sock pal, three different kinds of wool wash, what little left over sock yarn she had for "darning purposes", some adorable post it notes, a really cute retractable tape measure, and the most fantastic sock yarn I could imagine!!! Just look at it....

Apple Laine sock yarn in the Funny Girl colorway!!!

I am the luckiest sock pal ever.

Thank you Manda!!!!

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Manda said...

I"m sooo glad they fit! I was worried! lol :) I'm glad you liked your goodies too!! I liked the Panda Cotton so much I bought some more for myself. AND I love the Apple Laine! You almost didn't get it! ;) Good thing I already had some stashed. hehhe :) take care! :)