Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The one about sock yarn

This will be a rambling post. I can tell. Its an effort to get my sock yarn thoughts on paper, because obviously I am going to drive myself bonkers until I get it down.

So Cookie A. has all of her awesome patterns, and I am going to purchase five, yes I said five, of them. I want Flicker, Gothic Spire, Mona, Thelonious, and Twisted Flower. Now, that isn't to say I don't want the others. But. The others. They are knee socks, my friends. No knee socks yet. I gotta see how I do with the regular socks first. Knee socks, well, they scare me. But, I want some eventually so I will work up to those. With these patterns, I'm going with the suggested yarn. And I'm getting it from the Loopy Ewe. Free shipping after 75 bucks. Why not? We won't even get started talking about all of her patterns on Knitty. Those are on the must do list also. I'm a Cookie Groupie. I'll admit it now and we can move on.

I have tried Sassy Stripes, and that leads to a discussion on self-striping yarn. I'm kinda over it. I thought I would like it, but these daggone Horcrux socks that I did, really convinced me that I'm over it. The stripes just really mess up any semblance of seeing the pattern. So, note to self. Self-striping yarns are nice, just use them for non-fancy patterned socks. And, don't fall back into the Moda Dea Sassy Stripes trap again.

I have to try Cat Borhdi's Coriolis socks that she did on Knitty Gritty. That uses Austerman Step, one I am DYING to try. But, it is self-striping. I know. But she is so awesome, she takes care of that by double stranding. I love it. No stripes in site. That rocks my world. And, I'll also get to try out two circulars, which I am wanting to do. That will rock!

I am doing an order from knit picks and I am going to hook myself up with some Gloss. That will be interesting. Going to use that for Thermal though. I have three different colors of essentials, but not sure I love it as sock yarn. I also have dancing, parade, and simply stripes from Knit Picks too. None of which I have tried yet. I know, I'm a loser.

I am dying to test out the Jitterbug and the Cherry Tree Hill I just got yesterday. I also want to try out some Lorna's Laces, Koigu, Claudia Handpainted, and Panda Cotton. I have some Opal and Regia in my stash already, just one color of each.

So, that is my feeling on sock yarn. Now I feel more organized in my head.


lmilla said...

I am learning so much from you, girl! I absolutely love the Twisted Flower pattern. and I'm bookmarking the site, too!

Anonymous said...

i love cookie's patterns! is there any particular pattern you'd like to have knitted for you, since we're talking about sockapalooza stuff? any specific yarns or colors you do or do not like? - your sockapalooza 4 pal

Kellie said...

I hope that Blogger isn't eating my comments, cause I JUST saw your comment on here, oh pal o' mine. My fav. cookie pattern is Thelonious by far. Of course, all of hers on knitty are kick butt as well. I am planning on doing a monkey here in the next few weeks. As far as yarns, I'm not real peculiar about it, although I would love to know which yarn createst the softest, comfiest sock. Colors....see that is where I am terrible. I only buy blues and purples, this time I went to teal ( (a rip off of blue!) for myself and I know I would love some other colors, I just never make myself step out of that comfort zone to do it! Its on my list of things to work on though. Specifically two I would like to find but haven't had much luck.....orange and pink together and purple and brown together. Those combos sound ugly but at one time I had seen them (not knitted, only skeined) and they were fantastic, but they elude me now :) Pick something you love to knit and colors that make you happy, and I will be the happiest girl on the planet! I'd hate to think of you knitting in colors and patterns you dislike :(