Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The one where I'm SO EXCITED!

Did you see it? Did you read my comments? My sockapalooza pal left me a message. The sneaky one *they* are. Is it a he? Is it a she? Local? Far away? It is so exciting! My Palooza buddy is making ME socks! Isn't that great? If you didn't join, :( but.....this is Sockapalooza 4, so I am SURE there will be more opportunity after this one. In the meantime, watch and see all the fun. I'm so excited. And....I commented to MY pal too! I have to pick a pattern, pick some yarn. I may need help. I want to do THIS pattern cause it is beautiful. But. I'm scared. I'm afraid the magical stuff you need to do to make those diamonds is too tough for me. We'll see. I have until August 2nd. That is plenty of time, right?

Meanwhile back on the farm, I have completed my one Horcrux sock.

I started another one in a solid color because I wanted to see the pattern better. Waiting on yarn for my booga bag.

And just to show off, I will leave you with this picture, cause its pretty. I took that at my MIL's house last spring. Just pulled it off the cam. Talk about procrastination, huh?


Anonymous said...

he he!! some hints that aren't very hinty... i'm a she, and i'm not local! i'm glad you're excited! I'm also trying to figure out what pattern and yarn to use. are there any patterns or yarn that you would like socks made out of, but don't have any yet? -your sockapalooza pal

Kellie said...

This has been my very favorite sock pattern for a LONG time but I have never knit it. Otherwise, I looooove Cookie A patterns, I mean really what is not to love right? I like anything really, I love color, I love patterns, I'm so not picky. I am just so excited to have a way cool secret pal knitting socks just for ME!! I have NO, not one, non-worsted weight sock HA! I'm a sock loser, huh? I have a bunch of sock yarn to knit up, but for some reason have only made good progress with the heavier yarns. That will change with this though, the yarn and patterns I'm looking at are all sock weight yarn (yikes!). Thanks for the non-hinty hints ;)