Thursday, May 24, 2007

The one where there is yarny goodness

Yarn porn, Yarn porn!!!!

Courtesy of......The Loopy Ewe. Ohhhhhh anticipation. It is so sweet. I ripped the box open to reveal.....this.

And inside that little plastic bag?

THIS! Three........oh three is my favorite number. Oh what is behind that teasingly almost see thru tissue paper?

Lets find out, shall we?

Panda Cotton. Soooooo squishy soft.

I do believe one of these may be Monkeys. And the other....maybe Anestasia.

Louet Gems. Those are for my new Cookie patterns.

Red for this one......indigo for this one.

Another Louet Gems (on the right). For, big shocker here, another Cookie pattern.

And then....Lorna's laces. No clue what this is for. Its just sooooo beautiful I had to have it.

Next month....Knit Picks Options. I am SO excited.

Lets talk about The Loopy Ewe. Order from them. I insist. Along with that order of massively amazingly soft and beautiful yummy delish sock yarn....I got this.

It is a hand written note on my receipt (which I cleverly covered up the total on so that you would not know exactly how embarassingly much I spent on sock yarn) from Sheri along with cute little cards to keep track of my needle stash with and two sample cards of Regia sock yarn. She is a very, very enabling person, that Sheri. Those sock yarns WILL be on my next Loopy order.

I have no pictures, but rest assured my friends that there is very good progress on the sockapalooza socks. I will be taking pictures soon to share. I still love them, maybe even more so than I did before. Yes, I am in sock yarn heaven.


lmilla said...

oh, the joy! That's so exciting! I need to take pics of my first online purchase.... I was very happy with my yarn selections, but the mystery bag, not so much! Talk to you soon!

Elysbeth said...

Love the yarny goodness. I hate shopping, but love yarn shopping. And love it even more vicariously through others credit cards : )