Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The one where I jump on the bandwagon

So I was reading my super way cool knitting mommy friend's blog and saw her yet again doing 10 on Tuesday. This week is of particular interest, so I figure, what the heck. So here we go:

Ten songs that make you sad:

1. That's My Job - Conway Twitty. My dad died when I was ten. This song reminds me of him. I bawl like a baby EVERY time.

2. Hurt - Christina Aguilera. This song says exactly what I would want to say to my dad if ever given the chance.

3. You'll Never Walk Alone - The Righteous Brothers. Jordin sang it on American Idol this year and I just cried and cried. It was amazing.

4. In My Daughter's Eyes - Martina McBride. This song is so amazing, and with three little girls of my own, it truly hits home. My oldest loves that I cry when I hear that song.

5. Go Rest High on the Mountain - Vince Gill. I sang this song at a very close friend's funeral.

6. Love Can Build A Bridge - The Judds. I've often thought of sending this song to my brother one day.

7. God Blessed The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts. This song is definitely for me and my hubby.

8. Baby Girl - Sugarland. One line in there does it every time....."This time I'm gonna make our dreams come true. Well I love you more than anything in the world. Love, Your Baby Girl." I know I feel that way about my mom and I just hope my little girls will always feel that way.

9. You'll Always Be My Baby - Sara Evans. I really believe if you are a daddy's girl, a believer, and/or you have a son, there is NO way this song can leave you unaffected. It's amazing.

10. What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts. See #1.

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lmilla said...

Oooo - good songs! Man, I read a lot of lists, and there are so many sad songs out there!!!

I hate to do this... and if this is the equivalent of a chain letter in the blog world, you don't have to do this at all. I'm supposed to tag seven people... check out my blog for more info... I'm tagging you.

Sorry! :(