Monday, May 07, 2007

The one where there are two

Here are the Horcrux socks, cute baby for effect.

Here is what irritates me. Two rows shy of being perfect matches. Next time I will count rows from the heel. It urks me. To no end.

Chris said they were ugly. Well, he didn't SAY it. But he *said* it.

The shorter sock decided to console the bigger one.

I'm ready to move on.

So I got myself this little goody. WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

The first pattern may well be Anniversary Socks by Nancy Bush. This may well make it so that I require Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush also.

And now.....YARN PORN!

This is for my booga bag! Noro Kureyon #148. Too beautiful. Now my awesome friend and I can start on our KAL.

And this, my friends, is Cherry Tree Hill Super Glitz DK weight, Tropical Storm colorway. Need I say more? Its freaking AWESOME! All those specks? Glitter my friends. Glitter. Glittered socks. I am a princess. Its official.

Colinette Jitterbug, for Seize Diamondbacks. On the left, Lagoon colorway for ME! On the right, Blue Parrot colorway for my super secret sockapalooza pal. Yeah buddy, all the best for her. She likes blue. But not pastel blue. So, I thought this was PERFECT. I will be starting after I purchase the pattern, probably tomorrow!

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lmilla said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Once again, I am drooling.