Monday, May 14, 2007

The one where there is #2

Fuzzy socks. Yummy. They don't match. I didn't even try to make them match. This was my second sock ever, but I had only finished one. So I pulled it back out and I think it was very happy that I did. So the sock started a year ago finally has a mate. It is funny how much my knitting has changed in a year. I learned how to bind off looser (the first sock can be tricky getting on with the tight bind off) and my kitchener has improved. A non-knitter will appreciate these socks!

Obviously Maddie likes them.

Although she has a bit of an unconvential way in appreciating them.

She is strange. A tween. What can you do with them? Apparently make them socks to play with. No, you can't have them. My feet need knitted socks right now Mad. Yours are coming.

And in booga news. This is how far I have gotten. The bottom is done, stitches picked up, and I am on row 5/64. Can I say....I LOVE THIS COLORWAY?!?!?!?!?! Its amazing.

So now, I work on booga, and I start sockapalooza pal socks. Lots to do, and I want to do it all NOW!

Oh.....and I went to Chris' mom's house this weekend. We passed a sheep farm who has a yarn store on premesis, makes sense right? Their sign said open M-Sat 10-5. It was Sat. So we went up to the door, opened it, and stepped inside the door to the most amazing wool heaven EVER. No one was there. I had to leave all of that store unshopped. Talk about disappointing. But I did learn that I can leave yarn behind, unloved, uncuddled, untouched, and not have a heart attack. Only a minor panic attack. MUST. SEE. THAT. STORE.

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